March 24, 2023

Once considered as entertainment for older generations podcasts have recently become a trend among college students thanks to new genres available.

Podcasts today are known for more than providing infor- mation. They can also be come- dic and entertaining.

Deitrik Ito, sophomore film production major, said he mostly enjoys listening to pod- casts by pastors.

“I listen to di erent pastors preach for around 15 minutes about di erent subjects such as forgiveness, gratitude and listening to others,” Ito said. “I like listening to these because it gives me a fresh start to my day. It also starts my day with encouragement to practice good things and usually gives me great, peaceful ways to end the days.”

Many podcasts have empowering messages, as well.

Bailee Clark, freshman theater major, said she is fond of inspirational podcasts.

“I listen to motivational and girl-boss type podcasts,” Clark said. “I enjoy these kinds of podcasts more than others because they focus on real people telling their relatable stories. They easily make me excited for my day, motivate me and help me learn more about empowering myself.”

In addition, many students on campus have started listen- ing to podcasts to keep up with pop culture, comedians and much more.

Podcasts have also now become an outlet to gain more followers and influence in the media.

Dr. MaryAnn Pearson, pro- fessor of communication arts, said podcasts have become an e ective platform and that they will continue to grow inpopularity.

“I find the art of podcasting to be a growing, thriving, relevant platform and an excel- lent way for influences to build their pool of followers,” Pearson said.

Pearson also has collaborated with C.L. Lopez, adjunct professor of public relations, to make their own podcast called “The Professor and the Public Information Office.”

As podcasts are growing in popularity, more YouTubers, movie stars and athletes are jumping on the bandwagon and beginning to create their own.

Stars such as Anna Faris, David Dobrik and even Shaquille O’ Neal have branched out from their usual media platforms and gained popularity through their own podcasts.

As podcasts are growing as sources of information and ranging in more diverse topics, this growth brings more changes in genres, creators and crowds, and is predicted to continue this growth in the upcoming years.

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