June 23, 2024

The currently abandoned, 1950s vintage Farm House Motel o University Avenue in Riverside, will soon be turned into a new dining and shopping experience thanks in large part to Bailey California Properties LLC.

The plan of the developers is to maintain the historic nature of the property by preserving the historic exterior while making the interior an anti-mall with venues for trendy shops, eateries and local artists.

Alyssa Bailey, project manager of Baily California Properties LLC, said one of her goals for the company project is to create a new place for college students to hang out.

“Yes, we have the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa. Yes, we have Castle Park. University Village is cool. But something unique and a little more modern to this area can lend itself to that population,” Bailey said. “Also, we hope it is a community space for all generations.”

The overall hope is to create a welcoming environment with original architectural elements while still paying homage to the motel’s historic past.

The developers hope is to keep the original neon sign and have it remain part of the experience.

Tyler Gonzales, senior business administration major, said it will be an enjoyable place to visit.

“It will be a cool place to shop, eat hang out and relax in Riverside,” he said.

Sabrina Jaen, junior graphic design major, said she feels the project will provide a fun outlet to go see local artists.

“It should be cool to go see local artists show their work since there isn’t currently a venue for them to do that,” she said.

The motel originally catered to patrons of Corona Speedway until the track closed in 1989.

The Farm House closed in 2007, and has fallen into disrepair. There have been cases of squatting and an arson attempt since the closure.

The current vision for the project is converting the various units at the motel into retail spaces.

There will also be venues for local artists to perform or display their work along with other events such as farmers markets.

With enthusiastic hands at the wheel, this classic Riverside motel will soon be returned to its former glory.

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