February 21, 2024

Apple continues to innovate by coming out with new products. Their latest creations, AirPods 2 and the Apple Card, leave some questioning if the upgrades are worth the investment or just another soon-to-be forgotten trend.

AirPods are currently one of Apple’s best-selling accessories. The original wireless AirPods attracted customers, but the improvements made to the new version may be worth investigating further.

With a new H1 chip, AirPods 2 allow for an extra hour of talk time. A fan favorite of Apple lovers is the “Hey Siri” function, and Apple responded to the demand by adding the feature to the AirPods.

AirPods 2 with the charging case are priced at $199. The $50 price hike is a strategic approach on Apple’s part.

Students such as Cole Whipple, freshman computer science major at California Baptist University, do not see the benefit of investing in the newer AirPods. 

“I don’t see that big of a difference in the AirPods themselves, so I don’t think I’d spend the money, just to buy new ones — especially if I have these ones already,” Whipple said. “For the normal AirPods, if you just tap twice on the headphone it goes to Siri and then you can talk into it. So (Hey Siri) is not that big of a deal.” 

To Whipple, the features Apple added to its AirPods will attract those looking for luxury and brand recognition. 

Issac Sumaran, junior kinesiology and sports medical major, addressed the new chip’s capabilities but did not see them as beneficial considering the price.

“To me that’s not a better investment. If you want more advanced earphones just go with something else other than the AirPods. At their current state — $150 for the (first generation) — they’re fine,” Sumaran said.

“Everyone’s getting them just to get them, as a ‘flex’ if you will, but of course anything Apple is going to be the go-to for a buy because the name brand is Apple.”

Apple announced it will release the Apple Card this summer. With the new credit card, interest can be calculated based on any payment amount chosen. Purchases are well-organized and customer privacy has been given a greater priority with the new chip. 

Edmund Khashadourian, professor of economics at Westcliff University, provided insight about the new credit card. The Apple Card offers a great plan to its users, he said.

Khashadourian made it clear that, unlike a regular credit card, existing Apple customers will “have a reduced probability of a person defaulting on their credit card payment.”

Khashadourian advises that college students should use the credit cards responsibly.

“College students need to understand that in case they decide to utilize the credit card facility — be that an Apple card or any other credit card — do not replace that with the common notion of using a budget,” Khashadourian said.

The Apple Card is an accessible tool that can help students build credit if properly used. AirPods 2 and the Apple Card are the latest releases, but the future may bring even greater renovations and both hardware and software improvements.

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