February 21, 2024

John Flack, general manager of Image One Camera and Video, displays a 160mm negative, different from the usual 35mm size, of a classic car that a patron dropped off to be developed. Katey Lee | Banner

Located in Riverside off of Magnolia Avenue, Image One Camera and Video is the latest in a long line of camera shops at this address.

The location has been known for decades as a camera and now a video store.

On Aug. 13, Image One Camera and Video had its grand opening and aspires to be the most successful Riverside camera shop to date.

Owner and president Shadi Sayes grew up in the camera business. His father was well- known in their native country of Jordan as the “king photog- rapher” and trained Sayes in the art of photography since he was young.

Sayes then moved on to attend business school in England but realized his passion still remained in photography.

Sayes’ experience in Jordan allowed him to move to Los Angeles, find jobs in the field and make a multitude of important connections all leading up to the opening of Image One.

Sayes’ first steps to success were to join the Chamber of Commerce, which allowed for the shop to get the support and recognition they needed. Sec- ondly, the Image One team ad- vertised as much as it could.

“If you open a business, advertise,” Sayes said. “Don’t be cheap with it. You can have the best stuff in the industry on the shelf and nobody knows it’s there.”

Image One has just about everything someone in the indus- try could need, from cameras to lenses to lighting equipment and jibs, with an inventory of over 2,500 items.

Image One also allows rentals on a number of their cameras and equipment.

“We will be doing events here that the whole town will be talking about,” Sayes said. “It’s not just going to be a store.”

Sayes has plans in the works to bring the community together through store events.

Some of those ideas include having a local coffee shop sell their product on-site and food truck parties on Sundays.

With a small lounge and free Wi-Fi, the store is already set up to encourage customers to feel at home.

Image One also supports local businesses and investing in the economy.

Locally made products can be found in their inventory and the team continuously looks for new ways to do their part in en- couraging economic growth.

Sayes said he believes Riverside is on the brink of a business boom, and he anticipates Image One will be a part of.

“For business in Riverside, I personally believe it’s time,” Sayes said. “I believe, or I almost know, that in the next 10 to 15 years, there’s going to be a lot of economic growth in this area.”

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