May 25, 2024

Twitter recently added a new feature called “Moments” early in October, which functions as a way for users to catch up on what has been going on around the world through a collection of tweets.

Moments is a feature that allows users to view the most recent and most tweeted events about entertainment, sports, politics and international news.

Users now have immediate access to current and breaking news from around the world, regardless of who they follow.

“Before the Moments page, Twitter would just show me what my friends were tweeting,” said John Fyne-Nsofor, junior environmental science major. “It’s actually showing you something that’s interesting instead of random stuff.”

The function was created for news and to draw people to the site who may have not found Twitter beneficial or easy to use because of the learning curve associated with the platform.

Twitter has become more accessible and informative altogether because of the addition.

“I check (the Moments tab) every time I go on Twitter to see what’s going on and to see what they have been posting,” said Megan Schafer, freshman exercise science major. “It is a great way for teenagers to find out more about politics and new information that’s going on.”

To access the new feature on Twitter, users click on the lightning bolt symbol in the directory. After tapping on the tab, there are options categorized by interest at the top, such as “News,” “Today,” “Sports” and “Entertainment.”

Twitter’s Moments feature creates a new reason for users on Twitter to rely on the social media site as a news source and allows them to be up to date with events around the world, regardless of who they follow.

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