May 23, 2024

Robby Plavajka | Banner A character from the game shows off his dance moves and flashy armor, two of the features that saw updates along with character designs, skins and other minor details.

Video game developer Bungie announced the introduction of microtransactions for its blockbuster first-person shooter “Destiny” Oct. 5, bestowing players with the ability to buy in-game features for a low price.

The microtransactions are virtual purchases, requiring real money that the player makes in order to add a new element into the game, such as new dance moves.

For the Destiny community, the involvement Bungie has initiated has been crucial in keeping the game updated while not disrupting the fun that coincides with the game itself.

These options do not offer anything pertinent to the game, but instead, allow a player to show off by spending some money for a little vanity.

Microtransactions have always been a point of debate within the gaming community. A lot of similar games such as “World of Warcraft,” a massively popular computer game, have offered these options long before Bungie, but it is an increasing trend within these online multiplayer games.

The extra purchases are not wholly important to in-game interaction itself because they do not directly affect the gameplay or online operations.

There are certainly a number of people ready for the new options Bungie has provided and the game developer is certainly testing the waters with this new microtransaction strategy and hopes to improve the game’s enjoyability.

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