May 25, 2024

Handmade at Amazon is a new extension for artisans seeking to sell their unique handcrafted goods on a new site. It is a move by Amazon to compete with Etsy, the leader in handmade goods sales since its foundation 10 years ago.

Amazon will only offer this option to sellers who go through a tedious and selective application process, which involves selling products made entirely by hand and capping the maximum amount of employees a company on Handmade can have at 20 people.

Megan Elder, senior sociology major, runs a shop selling goat-themed accessories on Etsy and is opposed to making the move to Handmade.

“I will not be switching (to Handmade) because I think Etsy has already shown itself to be reliable, while Handmade is still fairly new,” Elder said.

There are key differences in their fee structure that may deter sellers from using Amazon’s service. Etsy only requires a 3.5 percent transaction fee and a $0.20 listing fee. Handmade charges the seller $0.50 or a 12 percent transaction fee- — whichever amount is higher. In addition to that, sellers will have to pay a monthly fee of $39.99 to keep their shop running on Handmade.

Some students who shop online frequently are indifferent to Amazon’s attempt to develop a larger market.

“I would not purchase handmade goods on (Handmade at Amazon),” said Amber De Alba, junior nursing major. “I have never purchased handmade goods in the first place and Amazon opening up a new platform would not make a difference.”

Although some students are not keen on Amazon’s recent efforts to diversify, Handmade is still continuing to expand Amazon’s presence in online merchandise sales.

The new Etsy competitor is sure to give the handmade products company a run for its money and hold on the customer’s loyalty.

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