September 28, 2023




Apple announced Sept. 10 two new iPhones and a final version of its newest mobile operating system, iOS 7.

While there are aspects that make the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s special, it is important to note that Apple’s competing brands have advantages of their own. However, this fact does not make Apple’s new release a global phenomenon.

The iPhone 5c does have different features including a cheaper version of the original iPhone 5, which costs about $99 for 16GB.

The 5c is available in five colors: white, blue, yellow, pink and green. However, it still functions with an A6 processor.

The iPhone 5s comes equipped with the new iOS and a faster A7 processor.

For more security, the 5s has added a fingerprint identity sensor on the home button; this feature makes it easier for the owner to unlock his or her phone.

“As an owner of the iPhone, I would say that (the iPhone 5c) is very colorful, and I think it’s a good replacement for the iPhone 5,” said Anthony Rafar, sophomore business administration major.

Rafar said the fact it is made of plastic makes it more resistant from breaking, in addition to the fact that it does not have the same amount of memory as the iPhone 5.

“I also find that the reliability of the new camera is improving,” Rafar said.

Jimy Delgado, senior marketing major, said, “Apple is trying to catch up to not only the Android with the S4, but other iPhones that have come out already.”

Delgado pointed to Motorola’s phone as an example because it is a product where one could personalize it to a high extent.

Delgado said that Apple’s new iPhone version is just coming up with something that would compete with other brands.

David Lew, sophomore psychology major, said he was unimpressed by the announcement of the two new phones.

“There’s no point in the update,” he said. “It’s basically the same phone with the letter ‘c’ and ‘s’ added.”

Lew said that the only exception is that it has a better processor.

Android comes out with something new for each updated phone version, while the iPhone only has a new processor with new colors.

“What’s new about the iOS 7 is just the fact that it is more colorful, bold and stands out more,” Lew said. “However, it is being modeled after other phone companies.”

The innovative features and fresh look offered by the newly released iPhone is only one of several moves Apple is making to measure up to its competition across well-known brands.3

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