July 25, 2024

Jenna Beekhuis, senior photography major, shares her photography and asks for feedback from her graphic design major classmates in how she can better convey her style through her personal branding.

Dallas said the purpose of art is to give God glory and to love others. This differs from the worldly idea that art is about self-expression and personal satisfaction. 

“I believe God is the ultimate creative being. Throughout the Bible, God is consistently shown to be the creator who meticulously shaped the universe with intention and artistry,” Dallas said. 

Dallas cited Genesis 1, Psalm 104:24-30, Colossians 1:16 and John 1:3 as evidence of this view. He also said that divine creative themes are shown in the book of Exodus through the construction of the Tabernacle. 

“All of these point beyond to goodness, truth and beauty, transcending the ordinary and reflecting the reality of God as the ultimate creator,” Dallas said.

Dallas shared that his relationship with God is the most significant form of inspiration and motivation for all his creative endeavors.

“[My faith] reminds me that my talents and abilities are a gift,” Dallas said. “It then shows me where my identity ultimately lies which can be a big point of struggle for many people working in the creative fields.”

Dallas claimed he has learned the hard way that he is not defined by his artwork or achievements but rather by the fact that he is God’s creation. 

“This mindset also gives me a deep sense of how I should create and what my purpose with creating ultimately is,” Dallas said. “At the end of the day, my relationship with God grounds and guides my creative energy, giving it purpose, inspiration and gratitude to him.” 

Dallas encouraged students to remember that their creative talents, no matter what they are, are a gift from God given for the purpose of loving our neighbor. 

Kia Harlan | CBU Banner Joseph Suzuki, senior graphic design major, looks at film negatives from his photographer classmate, collaborating with them and giving feedback on his initial reactions to the images.

Grace Ellzey, sophomore graphic design major, shared how her faith experience fuels her creative energy. 

“I believe art is an extension of God and his creativity and I believe he can touch people through art, music, dance, light, and touch which can be spiritual,” Ellzey said. 

Ellzey echoed Dallas, explaining that God uses people as creative instruments to serve or to touch others. 

“God is indeed a creative being, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ … he created everything, so that means he created art,” Ellzey said. 

Mackenzie Head, sophomore graphic design major, explained that God is not only our artistic creator but is the complete source of her personal creative efforts. 

“Creativity allows us to express ourselves and to extend our faiths into a physical medium,” Head said. “Art comes from the soul and allows us to tell our stories in beautiful ways.”

Head said she is often awestruck by nature and its artistic design. 

“Even something as simple as my fingerprints, I’m overwhelmingly reminded of how creative God is,” Head said. “Ephesians 2:10 is a great explanation of God’s creativity.“

Head explained that her relationship with God and seeking him in the creative process often proves to be very helpful in producing ideas. 

“God has given me the skill sets and talents I have and when I use them to honor him, my relationship with him grows,” Head said. “God is the ultimate artist and when we take the time to acknowledge what he has made, it can help our creativity to flourish.” 

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