October 1, 2023

Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps for making unique fleece blankets.

Crafting anything from scratch comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride. A homemade blanket is a unique accent piece as an addition to any room in the house or as a heartfelt gift. 

These blankets can easily be made personable because of the large selection of fleece material that can be found at a multitude of craft stores.

To make your own fleece tie blanket, you will need a pair of scissors, a safe surface to cut on and two pieces of anti-pill fleece both two yards in length. 

You can get two different designs of fleece material from a craft store like Joann’s and have the store associates cut you two pieces of fleece both two yards in length.

Step 1: Take one of your pieces of fleece and lay it down. Make sure the side you want to be on the blanket is facing downward. Take the second piece of fleece and lay it on top of the bottom piece of fleece. Ensure that the top fabric piece is facing upward.

Step 2: Align the two fabric pieces together and cut off any excess fleece so the two fleece sheets align.

Step 3: On all four corners of your two aligned pieces of fleece, cut a six-by-six inch square out to line up the fringe that will line the edges of your blanket.

Step 4: With the fleece pieces still aligned on top of each other, cut fringe all along the side of the two pieces, making them six inches long and about two inches apart from each other.

Step 5: Go around the length of the blanket and tie the bottom and top pieces of fringe together. This binds the two pieces together to get a more insulated blanket.

Step 6: Run your blanket through the washing machine to clean out any lasting pieces of fabric and to soften the blanket fabric.

You now have your own fleece blanket. These blankets keep you very warm and can be made to match any interior. The tied fringe that lines the edges of the blanket adds a unique touch and sense of personality to the blanket.

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