June 23, 2024

More than just a type of fabric, corduroy is a statement textile that is worn in various styles across decades. This season, corduroy is a classic staple as it weasels its way into on-campus fashion.

The thick and versatile material hit peak popularity in the 1970s, according to Gloverall.com, and continues to be worn in staple pieces like jackets, pants and even hats.

In recent years, corduroy has weaved in and out of popularity, mainly returning in the fall and winter months. Here in Riverside, it is the perfect fall material for those days when the weather cannot decide between warm and cool.

Here at California Baptist University, you can find students and faculty incorporating corduroy into their weekly outfits more and more, whether they are dressing it down for a chilly 8 a.m. class or dressing it up for a coffee date on campus.

Zerenity Lopez | CBU Banner Evelynn Ponce, freshman interior design major spotted wearing corduroy on campus.

Here are some great ways to incorporate this fall trend into your wardrobe.

The most classic way corduroy is worn is in the form of a jacket. The style of the jacket is up to personal preference.

A corduroy jacket can be worn casually with a pair of blue denim jeans, a cozy sweatshirt, sneakers and a beanie. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color here. If the jacket is neutral, wear a sweatshirt with a pop of color and a beanie to match.

To dress it up, start with your favorite pair of trousers or a skirt. Next, pair it with a neutral T-shirt or graphic tee to spice things up. Throw on the corduroy jacket, some boots or loafers, and the comfy collegiate look is complete.

With such a strong material as corduroy, it often acts as a statement piece in any outfit. It allows you to go much simpler with the rest of the look. When corduroy is a fun color, it is easier to spice up an outfit without thinking too hard about being unique.

Zerenity Lopez | CBU Banner Caleb Garland, freshman music education spotted wearing corduroy on campus.

What truly sling-shot corduroy into the spotlight is corduroy bottoms, specifically pants. Remember, during the 1970s, bell bottoms were also a popular choice in pants. Put the two trends together and corduroy bell bottoms were the ultimate pant in the ‘70s.

Now corduroy pants can be found in all different styles.

When styling corduroy pants, the choices are endless. There are straight-cut pants, carpenter pants, flares and even “mom-fit” pants. Just like the jacket, these can be dressed up and down. There is much freedom when styling corduroy as bottoms, so have fun with it.

When it comes to spicing up the most simple outfit, the texture is an excellent subtle way to incorporate statement pieces into your wardrobe. Texture acts as a statement piece on its own and takes an outfit to the next level.

Keep an eye out for more corduroy on campus and don’t be afraid to experiment with it this season.

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