June 13, 2024

What is a beignet? Although delicious and aesthetically pleasing, this French delight is not commonly found on the American breakfast table. A fried pastry covered with sugary powder and baked to a cloud-like texture, a beignet is the missing piece to most breakfast plates. This little pastry, among other delicious plates, makes The Beignet Spot attractive and unique among the many burger and pizza joints across Riverside.

Located at 4019 Market Street in Downtown Riverside (about 12-15 minutes from California Baptist University), The Beignet Spot opened its doors on May 9. Open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, this restaurant’s convenient location provides an easy stop for interested customers. Since its opening, the establishment has also offered more than just delicious French delicacies. They pride themselves on hosting a sweet and savory ensemble of dishes that can accommodate any food lover.

The Beignet Spot woos as their dishes taste as immaculate as they look. Infusing a Haitian twist with a Southern twang, customers can experience dishes ranging from jerk chicken sandwiches to fried eggs mixed with pasta. Traditional Swouthern grits are a welcomed side that can be accompanied by loaded jerk fries and a banana pudding shake. The constant feature of fried eggs and delectable sauces adds to the rare combinations that make up many of the menu’s dishes. The possibilities are not infinite or cheap, but diverse and accommodative.

The restaurant has an engaging Instagram account and website where those considering stopping by can see exactly what they want to eat before stepping through the door. The staff’s good customer service only supplements the restaurant’s authentic persona on their social media profile. The waiters and cooks worked together to get plates to the tables within 10 minutes of ordering.

Aiming to be more than a restaurant, The Beignet Spot has hosted several events for the community. The establishment partnered with the recently closed Dhat Creole Grill in November to host a beignet eating contest. The final four were featured on the restaurant’s Instagram account, and the restaurants awarded the champion with a large golden trophy. They also facilitated a Christmas event where they welcomed children to decorate their beignets free of charge while listening to a reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” The Beignet Spot ascends above the ordinary and creates a sense of community while serving its many patrons.

You will not be disappointed with The Beignet Spot. When you visit, bring an open mind and a few extra dollars, as you will be inclined to try more than one thing. Visit their Instagram profile @beignetspot to catch the latest updates on their business and to stay in the know on all their events.

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