May 23, 2024

Among the many delicacies that Americans eat on a consistent basis, where would one rank chicken wings? Businesses such as Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and just about every major pizzeria franchise serve them daily. Chicken wings are versatile and can be prepared in many ways with a seemingly infinite number of sauces. With such a demand for chicken wings, consumers often search high and low for a solid 10-piece with fries. Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further for those who live in the Riverside area because Hotlanta Wings and Th ings has you covered.

Hotlanta Wings and Things is a hop, skip and jump from California Baptist University’s campus, a few blocks away from the CA-91’s Magnolia exit with an address of and can be found at 3950 Pierce Street. The restaurant is family-owned and has been in business since 2000, according to its website. Their dishes are prepared daily, and their prices are low so that everyone can get a taste of their delicious food. In a world where most plates start at $12-15, Hotlanta Wings and Things recognizes this and keeps their average price around $9. They offer breakfast and lunch specials that help customers save money while still being able to eat a gut-busting amount of food.

The restaurant’s menu has a large selection outside their main chicken wing dishes. They cater to breakfast, lunch and dinner with combos ranging from fried catfish sandwiches to sets of pork ribs with salmon. Hotlanta makes three-meat combos possible with a serving of chicken, pork and seafood. If you go just for the wings, you will not be disappointed as they offer bone-in and boneless with 13 sauces to choose from. Their menu briefly explains the taste of each sauce and the corresponding heat level.

Supplement the meal with some macaroni and cheese on the side to satisfy your tastebuds and stomach.

Hotlanta has friendly customer service which comes as a needed relief after the extended wait time for their food. They offer catering services for larger events, and they teamed up with GrubHub and DoorDash for customers who wish to have their food hand-delivered to their homes. With all these options at the consumer’s disposal, Hotlanta gives an overwhelming number of reasons to say yes to their service.

Is your mouth watering yet? Are you tired of paying for overpriced food? Take a look at their Instagram page @hotlanta_west for an up close and personal look at some of their plates. Hotlanta Wings and Things has quality plates with fair portions and great prices. When the craving for chicken wings comes knocking on your door, make sure to put this wing restaurant at the front of your mind.

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