May 23, 2024

Fall time is the best time for fun home decorations. If you are looking for something unique that cannot be found in just any Target dollar section, this do-it-yourself project is the one for you.
With just a few simple materials and a little bit of time, you can craft a bowl made out of fall leaves, perfect for aesthetics and useful for little candies. Make this project and get ready to hear all the compliments from your holiday guests.

Materials: Artificial fall leaves are preferable for this project. Real leaves can work but they have to be fresh and soft so they do not crumble when bent. Artificial leaves can be found at art stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Make sure to cut off stems from the leaves so they are more easily pliable. You’ll also need fabric stiffener or Mod Podge, a balloon, a paintbrush, two bowls, and optional aluminum foil.

Photo Illustration by Alexza Bahnmiller

Step 1: Inflate the balloon and place it in a small bowl with the top of the balloon visible. The purpose of the bowl is to keep the balloon in place during construction.

Hint: The smaller the balloon, the easier it will be for the leaves to stick together.

Step 2: This step is optional but recommended. Place aluminum foil in a bowl and pour in the stiffener or Mod Podge. This step will make it easier to get the fluid on your paintbrush and will protect the bowl from the glue.

Step 3: Using a paintbrush, dip it into the stiffener or Mod Podge and apply a thick layer over a small portion of the balloon. Apply a leaf to the glued portion. Apply more stiffener or Mod Podge over the leaf. Repeat this step for all leaves until the leaves resemble a bowl-like shape across the top of the balloon. Leaves should be applied face down, and make sure there are no empty spaces.

Hint: If leaves begin falling off the balloon, wait 15 minutes for them to dry, and then begin applying again.

Photo Illustration by Alexza Bahnmiller

Step 4: Let dry for 12-24 hours.

Step 5: Once dried, pop the balloon. The leaf bowl will be left. Peel off the remaining balloon.

Step 6: The bowl is ready to use. It is a lightweight bowl meant more for decorative purposes, so small candies would be the perfect compliment to fit inside. Do not put heavy objects, such as coins or keys, in the bowl as it can cause the leaves to break.

Make sure you do not place liquids in the bowl.

Photo Illustration by Alexza Bahnmiller

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