July 25, 2024

Can’t decide between satisfying your sweet tooth with boba tea or switching it up with something salty like twisted and salted fries?

Lucky for you, Tim Boba offers both. Located only 6.6 miles from California Baptist University (approximately 10 minutes), this family-run restaurant is both a boba shop and an Asian cuisine restaurant.

First, a little fun fact about the restaurant name: according to its website, the name Tim in Vietnamese means “heart.”

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Tim Boba’s menu is a decent size and has variety, with options for drinks as well as food. The drinks range from smoothies and  bobas, to plain teas or coffees, and the food ranges from wonton soup to County Fair-lookalike curly fries. Although the food is simple, it comes out rather fast and is easy to share with a group.

However, the boba selection is definitely the highlight of the menu, and many of the fruit variations are made and topped with fresh fruit and warm boba. Not only that, but the cups are aesthetically pleasing and reusable — at no additional cost.

While checking out, make sure to get a punch card, as after every 10 drinks purchased, you get one on the house.

My favorite part about Tim Boba is not only its amazing selection of beverages (looking at you, Watermelon Slush Boba), but the fact that it caters especially to students.

If you cannot tell that this is the case by looking at the walls decorated in hand-painted murals of different nearby school logos (including CBU’s), maybe the whiteboards scattered across the remaining restaurant walls will give it away. The whiteboards are open for anyone to use, and they often fill up fast, with groups of students tutoring each other or studying before a big test. Also, no need to worry about a phone or laptop dying, as charging ports are readily available underneath all the tables.

If sitting at the tables gets uncomfortable, there are also couches by the windows. 

The best part? Tim Boba offers a printer in the back that is free to use. There is a maximum number of pages that you can print, but it is still a generous thing to offer to customers.

To top it off, Tim Boba offers a student-only promotion where if you bring in your report card at the end of the semester and you have all A’s, you get rewarded with a free boba of any size. 

Tim Boba is open from 1 p.m. until 12 a.m. every day, but be warned, the place gets packed around 9 p.m., so if you want to get a good seat next to a whiteboard, try to get there before then.

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