December 2, 2023

Hand-decorated cupcakes can be a great gift for any season, and these poinsetta cupakes are no exception. Easy to make and beautiful to look at, these cupcakes are versatile and can add a pop of fun to any occasion, whether you make them for a fancy family dinner or just as a fun snack.

Materials: You will need an unfrosted cupcake, three pastry bags filled with yellow, red and green frosting and scissors.

Step 1: Take an unfrosted cupcake and a pastry bag filled with red frosting. Cut the tip of the pastry bag into a V shape.

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Step 2: Holding the seam of the pastry bag upwards, align the bag with the edge of the cupcake and squeeze gently, pulling the pastry bag away from the cupcake sharply with each petal.

Valerie La Ponza | CBU Banner

Step 3: Repeat this all around the cupcake. Then begin layering the petals, drawing closer and closer to the center of the cupcake, but leave about an inch-wide circle in the middle of the cupcake unfrosted.

Valerie La Ponza | CBU Banner

Step 4: To make the middle part of your flower, take your yellow pastry bag, cut a small hole in the tip, and pipe small yellow circles in the unfrosted space left in the middle of the cupcake.

Step 5: To make the poinsettia leaves, take your green bag, cut it into a V shape once more and squeeze it tightly. Pull away from the cupcake slightly as you squeeze, allowing the leaves to taper off.

Step 6: Let the frosting dry for a few minutes.

Step 7: To finish the cupcake, transfer the green icing to another bag, cut a small hole in the new pastry bag, and carefully pipe the small green dots atop all the yellow circles.

And you’re done. Time to take photos for your socials and once you’ve finished showing them off, bite and enjoy.

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