June 13, 2024

After four long years of high school, dozens of applications, SATs, college  and career fairs, one (or a few more than one) too many lectures on “how college is harder than you think,” and fees, fees and more fees, new students have finally arrived in college.

With the start of the 2022 fall semester, California Baptist University welcomed incoming transfer and freshmen students on campus as they embark on a new chapter in life. Each new student’s experience is different — emotions range from anxiety to pure excitement.

Jadyn Burnett, freshman exercise science major, shared her optimism in regards to beginning her college experience at CBU.

“CBU was 100% my firstpick,” Burnett said. “It was the only school I applied to because I knew it would beat out any other school I may have gotten into.” 

Burnett’s experience applying and registering for classes was a simple process.

“The whole process was very easy,” Burnett said. “Every link I needed was in an email, so it was super easy to go back to if I ever got lost.” 

Her move-in process proved to be easy and enjoyable as well.

“My move-in wasn’t very eventful — I just did it by myself — but my roommate was sweet and helped me the whole time,” Burnett said. “My resident adviser is super sweet and helpful. She is always open for us to even just come and talk.”

Marissa Hopper, freshman psychology major, is excited to finally be beginning her college education at her dream school. Hopper shared that faith integration was key in her college selection process.

“CBU was my first pick,” Hopper said. “I choose to attend CBU because, for the most part, we have matching views and beliefs.” 

Hopper especially appreciated the new student events.

“Starting with Lancer Day, I really appreciated that CBU put on an event to celebrate the students and be there to see them make the decision to attend CBU,” Hopper said. “Signing the big CBU letters and ringing the ceremonial bell was a memory I’ll never forget.”

New student orientation was helpful and provided Hopper with much needed information.

“With new student orientation, I appreciated all the information for a new student coming into a brand new environment,” Hopper said. “I was hesitant to go at first because I thought I wouldn’t need it, but the information I gained from it helped me along on my first day.”

Welcome Weekend was filled with fun, excitement and fellowship. Although she is a commuter, Hopper has felt at home during her short time at CBU.

“Welcome Weekend, I would have to say that that was my favorite,” Hopper said. “I met so many new amazing people in and out of my FYE group. That weekend opened up the opportunity for fellowship and the time to make friends, and good ones at that.”

Seraiah Carter, freshman criminal justice major, is also optimistic about being a
commuter student.

“There (are) pros and cons (to commuting), but when you’re saving money and still making friends, it’s just like living on campus,” Carter said. 

After a few days of class, Carter showed enthusiasm about his courses and appreciation for his professors.

“I’m super excited for all of my classes because my professors are super fun, and they really want to get to know you and have a relationship with you,” Carter said. 

Carter’s Welcome Weekend experience proved to be exciting, to say the least.

“It was really fun and loud,” Carter said. “My favorite part was when my friend Jared Pruitt picked me up and crowd surfed me.” 

Carter shared an overall peace and happiness about his attendance at CBU, explaining that he had sought God in the application process.

“When I was signing up, I was really happy, and I left it up to God,” Carter said.

Madison Kay Wingo, a  discipleship staff member and a CBU alumna, shared her advice to incoming students.

“I would encourage students who want to grow in their faith to get involved in community on campus,” Wingo said. “There are so many great avenues in Spiritual Life (SL) to form relationships that are centered around Christ, like SL night and SL groups. 

“We have space for you to grow with us, and we are always looking to meet new people.”

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