June 16, 2024


  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue stick/tape
  • Color pencil/markers

Step 1: Fold two pieces of paper in half, hamburger style. Make sure the pages align. These papers will become the inside and outside of the card.

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Step 2: Cut two parallel slits of equal length along the crease of one folded page. Cut two lines for every image that will pop out. The longer the cut, the more pronounced the pop-up element will be.

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Step 3: Push the cuts outward, so they fold in the opposite direction of the page’s crease. Glue or tape the inside page to the outside. Decorate the card however you desire.

Hannah Noel | CBU Banner

Step 4: Design, color, and cut out your pop-up elements. Glue or tape them to the outward-folding pieces.

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