April 12, 2024

A new addition to your living space is always exciting because it means making your own space even more personalized. When a new addition happens to be made from scratch, it adds a touch that is unique to the individual and highlights their own creative style.

There are many kinds of homemade household items that can bring together a space. Accent pieces have the ability to add a quality of uniqueness to their spaces and come along with a story for you to tell.

One of these accent pieces can be some sort of wall hanging. Photos, dried flowers, personal artwork and much more can make a gorgeous accent piece for the wall.

Wall decorations come in all varieties and can be made using a multitude of methods. The specific wall hanging DIY we found was from TikTok, where the original creator used a mop they bought from the dollar store to make the yarn.

For this DIY project, you will need a stick or branch from outside, scissors and a mop for yarn (we bought our mop at the dollar store). If you do not want to collect a branch from outside or do not have that available to you, the creator on TikTok used a wooden toilet plunger handle and detached the rubber part of the plunger.

Step 1: Carefully remove the yarn from the mop. We found that the lower-quality structure of the mop bought from the dollar store worked to our advantage because it did not take much effort to remove the yarn from the mop handle.

Step 2: Align your yarn pieces. Three of these pieces should be longer than the others because they will be used to tie the yarn leaf patterns onto the string. The pieces of yarn should be around six to 10 inches in length. You will shape the yarn design later.

Step 3: Tie three pieces of yarn to the branch or wooden stick. These three pieces will hold the rest of the yarn designs and will be tied onto them.

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Step 4: Use the photo provided to help you with the simple tie pattern used to tie knots on each of the three strings. We tied nine knots on both the right and left yarn and tied 12 knots on the middle yarn.

Step 5: Brush out the yarn, forming a leaf pattern to have a finer yarn texture.

Step 6: Cut the ends of each of the three yarn leaf formations to trim and shape your design. After this step, you are done. You can use a piece of yarn to tie to each end of the branch so the wall decoration can hang on the wall using a thumbtack or a Command Hook.

Teddy Peña | CBU Banner

This project cost us $8 in total. One of the best qualities of this wall decoration is its versatility. Feel free to add more pieces of yarn in different colors, polaroids, lights or even crystals to this wall hanging to add originality to your creation.

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