September 28, 2023

Every makeup-sporting woman battles the frustration of melt- ing and disappearing makeup. Unfortunately, they are usually ill-equipped to fight it effectively. With a few additional steps in the morning, every girl’s makeup could look model-fresh and fabulous all day long.

These three extra steps may sound time-consuming and unnecessary but they are worth it. As college students, it is widely understood that sleep is prioritized over looks on a typical school day and the amount of time set aside for ritual beautifying is ten minutes maximum.

However, these three steps will cost no more than two min- utes from the daily routine. The benefits will also outweigh the costs.

To begin Sephora sells foundation primer, which is carried in nearly every brand found there. It smoothes over any imperfections on the face, creating the perfect canvas for foundation. Its most beneficial and purchase- worthy perk is its ability to create the perfect surface for makeup to cling to. In other words, it acts like a glue for makeup, transforming any foundation into 16-hour foundation that actually works.

If oily skin is a problem, try Sephora’s Anti-Shine Primer ($18) and put it on after moisturizing. One tube will last about four months, which averages out to be 15 cents a day. This product controls sebum production, giving any oil-laden face a lovely matte finish until it is washed off at night.

Moisturizing foundation primers are also available if dry skin is a concern.

To counteract disappearing eyeshadow and eyeliner, two things need to be a priority: purchase an eyeshadow primer from Sephora ($14) and high quality eyeliner. Urban Decay and Makeup Forever sell the best eyeliners on the market ($17, 3+ months) and if there were anything worth spending money on, it would be one of these. High-quality eyeliner will prevent a whole lot of frustration, work and those lovely dark circles it makes when it melts.

Eyeshadow primer is placed on the lid after foundation is applied and is a substance similar to foundation primer. It typically comes in a creamy format that spreads smoothly across the eyelid, does not feel cakey and leaves the eyelids feeling velvety-smooth. Again, it acts as glue but this time for eyeshadow and eyeliner.

For those lovely yet naked lips purchase a lip stain. Cover Girl sells a 16-hour lip stain that comes in a lavish array of gorgeous colors for only $8 (Target, Walmart, Ulta). Do not confuse a lip stain with lipstick; it is a very unique product, in that once it is applied and allowed to sit for about 30 seconds, the lips will be that gorgeous color for up to 16 hours. When using a lip stain it is essential to use a gloss to finish it off and to give the face that perfectly polished appeal.