June 13, 2024

California Baptist University Pre- Law society is holding a meeting on Nov. 15 from 5-6:30 p.m. in James 348. Danielle Lopez, a representative from Pacific McGeorge Law School, will be presenting information about the law school as well as answering questions regarding the school. Pizza will be provided. For more information on the school or the event, visit www.mcgeorge.edu or contact David Tibbitts at David. Tibbitts@calbaptist.edu.

The Annie Gabriel Library is collecting canned food for the Second Harvest Food Bank Nov. 1-7. For each item donated, the Library will reduce the student’s overdue fines by $1. Take the item to the front desk of the library so that they can be applied to a student’s library account. According to the school’s website: “All fines under $1 and less may be forgiven with 1 canned good. All fines between $1- $2 may be forgiven with 2 canned goods. All fines between $2-$3 may be forgiven with 3 canned goods. All fines between $3-$4 may be forgiven with 4 canned goods. All fines $4-$5 may be forgiven with 5 canned goods. All fines exceeding $5 may be forgiven with 10 canned goods.”

The 2010 mid-term election covered a highly anticipated California gubernatorial race. Nov. 2 marked the day that Jerry Brown was elected governor, Barbara Boxer was re-elected senator for California and Proposition 19 was turned down. The Press Enterprise reports that Prop 19 was turned down by 53.9 percent vote against it. Gavin Newsom received 50 percent of the vote for lieutenant governor.

ASCBU and the sophomore class are offering broomball. This event is for the sophomore class only and will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 16 from 9:30-11:45 p.m. and will take place at Icetown in Riverside. For more information and sign up for the event visit the ASCBU office. The Lancer Arms Council will present Pixar’s Toy Story 3 on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. on the Lancer Arms Lawn. It is said that it is a “BYOB: Bring Your Own Blanket” event.