December 3, 2023

Who says adults can’t learn anything from cartoons?

Certainly not PBS, since they added a new segment called “Ink-onomics” to their Nightly Business Report.

The segment is there to teach viewers about the economy, as the decline in the US economy is a highly spoken about issue.

PBS hired illustrated essayist, David Gillette to produce the cartoon “Ink-onomics.”

“The producers of Nightly Business Report came across my work, and they offered me a chance to share my illustrated essays with a national audience. I jumped at the chance,” Gillette said.

The economy is a topic typically on the news, but trying to understand it with no background can be challenging and a bore.

“Ink-onomics” gives life to the topic and presents a whole new way to learn.

In Gillette’s latest segment he pondered what would happen if all Americans understood how the economy worked?

Gillette interviewed Jean Bay, chair of the department of economics at Oxford College.

She pointed out that if all American’s understood how the economic system worked, they would not have bought the homes they bought, they would not have credit card debt and they would save more for retirement and important life events.

Gillette started his career in 2002 when his first cartoon, “Nate on Drums,” was put on Minnesota’s ABC channel affiliate KSTC-TV.

In 2006, Twin Cities Public television offered Gillette a highly respected job as a commentator. He has since won three Emmy awards for the region’s best on-air commentator.

Gillette’s career has recently taken off, but drawing has been something he has been doing for his entire life.

“Some of my first memories are of sitting at my parent’s kitchen table and marveling at what crayons and a piece of paper can do,” Gillette said. “Its an addiction I’ve never tried to kick.”