April 2, 2023

According to news released by California Baptist University on Nov. 10, officials from March Health care Development and CBU signed a letter of intent “outlining mutual participation in a planned medical campus occupying a portion of the former March Air Force Base near Moreno Valley.” The agreements to this signing is that CBU will receive a portion of the 170-acre site known as the $3.3 billion March LifeCare Campus as a “charitable gift.” In return, CBU is in agreement to “develop and operate a facility on the property.” This project is said to create 12,700 construction jobs and 7,200 full-time health care jobs and is to take fewer than 10 years to complete.

A study done by the Pew Research Center Publications released Nov. 3 titled “Religion in the 2010 Elections” found the impact certain religious groups had on the recent elections. The study found that white Protestants mostly voted Republican and people who were not affiliated with a religion voted Democrat. It also found that Catholics, who voted for the Democratic party in the past elections, moved to the Republican party. The study found that persons who attended a religious service would continue “to support Republicans at much higher rates in 2010 than voters who attend worship services less often.”

The man accused of shooting 27-year-old Riverside Police officer Ryan Bonaminio, Earl Ellis Green, was charged with first-degree murder with special circumstances of attempting to avoid arrest and killing a police officer. According to an article in the Press Enterprise, along with those charges, there is a special allegation of use of a firearm in committing a crime, grand theft auto with a previous conviction of that crime and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Green is accused of shooting Bonaminio to death on Nov. 7. His arraignment was postponed until Dec. 16. Until that date, he can receive psychotherapy treatment. Green has a long wrap sheet, dated back as far as 1990. Bonamino’s funeral was held on Nov. 16.