September 28, 2023

Disk Jockeys, or DJ’s, are known to set the mood at a party or to control the atmosphere at a event. DJ Hero has the same effect on the players when the game is in action.

A DJ’s job is to connect with the audience, which creates an atmosphere that affects everybody’s emotion either positively or negatively. A player can expect that similar experience in the game.

DJ Hero is a music video game that was designed as a spin-off of Guitar Hero, based on turntablism which allows the player to create a new musical work from one or more previously recorded songs from over 100 genres.

Some of the most popular mixes include Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” single and Iyaz’s “Replay” single meshed together.

Other mixes included are Kanye West’s “Heartless” with Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” and David Guetta and Chris Willis’s “Love is Gone” meshed with Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold”.

DJ Hero is mainly about mixing it up musically and physically. The main goal is to get people to play together by mixing songs like a DJ. The mastermind song list that DJ Hero has put together has songs from the ’70s to music that is popular now.

This game is not for just young people; it can appeal to all ages since it is a family oriented game.

California Baptist University freshman, Brendon Koahou is a DJ Hero.

Koahou said that he has been playing for two years. Koahou also said that the it is fun but spinning the disk hurts his wrist. He said his DJ hobby came about in 2007 while he was in high school. His attention was instantly captured when DJ Hero was first created.

“I believe that music is the language of all mankind,” Kaohou said.

Being a DJ at parties and other events helped Koahou gain confidence and pass on a hobby to one of his friends who was serious about deejaying. Koahou said the game has similarities to a real turntable but the difference is that the DJ Hero turntable has buttons that substitute the noise of a real turntable. The most important key that a DJ should have is having a sharp ear to hear the different sounds that are projected out.

Koahou complained that the game made the impression that it is easy to be a DJ.

With the holiday season in full swing visit a local Best Buy or Gamestop to see the game in person.

Take the DJ challenge or give it as a gift for an aspiring DJ. Also check out the DJ Hero trial that is available on the website.