July 13, 2024
Michael Sampson--The Yeager Center is one of the most visually pleasing sites on campus.

The Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful (KRCB) organization recognized California Baptist University again for the fourth time in the last 10 years for the school’s appearance.

Mayor Ron Loveridge presented CBU with the 2011 KRCB Beautification First Place Award during the annual State of the City Address luncheon on Jan. 21.

Mark Howe, CBU vice president of finance and administration, accepted the first-place award on behalf of the university.

CBU received the award for maintenance of existing facilities and landscaping.

“We are pleased that the City of Riverside has once again recognized California Baptist University for its attractive and well maintained campus that sets a high standard for our community,” Mark Wyatt, vice president for marketing and communication, said.

“This is a definite affirmation of CBU’s desire to present a positive image not only in the quality of academic programs and student experience but also in the attractive campus environment,” he added.

According to the KRCB website the awards “are presented to buildings and facilities within the City of Riverside that capture outstanding landscape, cleanliness and curb appeal.”

KRCB is a volunteer program sponsored by the City of Riverside’s Public Works Department and the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. KRCB wants “to instill a sense of community pride by creating partnerships that work toward the beautification of the city.”

Since 2001, CBU received the beautification award three other times, including the first place award for New Constriction-Lancer Aquatic Center in 2001 and the third place award for New Construction-School of Music Building.