July 13, 2024

Kenton Jacobsen--David's Bridal is well-known for bridal-ware.

Kenton Jacobsen--David's Bridal is well-known for bridal-ware.

A wedding is a traditional affair.

While traditional aspects remain popular, wedding trends continue to emerge and give each year a distinct look.

From gown sillouettes to color schemes, constant adjustments to wedding fashion give a modern twist to time-honored ideas.

Floral details are a fresh trend for 2011. Perusing wedding boutiques, flipping through brial magazines and observing the latest runway trends, it is obvious that more brides are saying “I do” to flowers. Wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and headpieces have all incorporated beautiful blooms as a common fashion staple.

Another popular fashion trend for the 2011 wedding season is the incorporation of empire waist bands and belts, detailed with beading, pearls, jewels or other embellishments. These bands add flair to a simple dress, while flattering the body by creating an allusion of an elongated figure.

Some brides are giving themselves more options by opting to purchase separates or two-piece dresses. David’s
Bridal, among other bridal shops, introduced two-in-one dresses as an alternative. The same outfit can be worn
as a traditonal floor-length gown for the ceremony and transformed into a party dress for the reception.

According to The Knot’s website, playful details, layers and dramatic necklines are big “do’s” for this season. Fun details such as dots, pleats and jeweled embellishments add personality to a classic gown. Layers are another hot item, causing flowing ballgowns and modified mermaids to reemerge as the hottest sillouettes in bridal style. Keyhole necklines and sheer coverage offer something new and make a dramatic statement.

Turquoise, coral, yellow, fuchsia, deep red, chartreuse, grey, purple, latte, black and white are the must-have wedding colors for 2011.

Fresh trends in wedding colors will offer grooms more options for coordinating their wedding day ensemble.

This season, gray is one of the most demanded wedding colors. Many grooms will swap stark, black tuxedos for a trendy gray suit. Various shades of gray, including charcoal and slate, will serve as an accent to bolder colors. Grooms should feel free to add personality to their outfit and incorporate brightly colored vests, ties and handkerchiefs.

Couples should not be afraid to go against current fashion trends and add their own elements. Ultimately, the bride and groom have the right to determine which trends to try and which to toss.