May 23, 2024

Last year, housing sign-ups were completely online. This year, the Office of Residence Life will give students a better system for selecting housing – in person.

“The idea is to give students more freedom,” Carson Belmont, Housing Services Coordinator, said. “Technology is great but sometimes it limits students from a face-to-face interaction or questions.”

Residence Life is basing their housing selection process on Disneyland’s FASTPASS system. A student will come to the office and sign their Housing Agreement. Then, they will receive a ticket that gives them a “complete group” date and an “incomplete group” date when they come back to choose their apartment.

“Complete group” is for students who want to sign up for an apartment as a group. “Incomplete group” is for a student who is either choosing to live by themselves or does not have a full group of students prior to his or her appointed day.

When students come in, they will be able to see maps of every living area and see where their desired apartment is located within its respective complex.

“Online last year, there weren’t maps of any of the living areas. When you signed up in previous years, you had a list of the apartments. You didn’t know where they were in the actual complex. This way, we will have visual maps students can look at,” Belmont said.

The Office of Residence Life also allows students with the earliest appointed dates to come in and sign up their groups along with them.

Parkside Apartments, the apartment complex adjacent to the Yeager Center parking lot, now belongs to CBU and will have a new name. It has 304 units that will be available to students. There are three different floor plans to choose from and there will be open house sessions for students who want to see what the interior of an apartment in any living area looks like.

Lancer Arms will be designed to hold family and graduate students. The houses will be available for staff and faculty members only. Smith Hall, Simmons Hall and the Cottages will remain as freshmen living areas. University Place and Rose Garden Village will remain as they are.

UP will house two to five residents per apartment. College View will house four residents. The Village will house two to four residents. Parkside will house two to four residents. Information sessions were held on March 8 and March 9 for students who wanted more information on the upcoming process.

“Our goal is to make it fun where students are excited about living with their roommates next year. We want it to be an experience that isn’t dreaded,” Belmont said.

Students may visit the Office of Residence Life to sign their Housing Agreements starting on March 9. The FASTPASS process will begin on April 4 and will end on April 15.