March 2, 2024

Sarah Jane O'Keefe--Spring shoes are affordable, comfortable and colorful.

Sarah Jane O'Keefe--Spring shoes are affordable, comfortable and colorful.

No more boots, UGGS and rain boots are needed – spring is here.

Give those old shoes a break and store them away. Take a few extra dollars, go to your nearest mall and search for these new and fresh spring styles.

This year it is all about budget, comfort, color and individuality.

Spring weather can be anywhere from cold and windy to sunny and humid. Choosing shoes that are comfortable during this transition from winter to spring is essential.

Nude heels are very in this season. They can be worn with almost anything including dark jeans, jeggings or spring dresses.

The color nude is essential this season because it matches with almost anything. It also makes legs look tan and is a classic look that is always in style.

Wooden heels are another spring trend. Textures are huge this fashion season and wood will make a huge statement because it brings uniqueness to an outfit. Wood is also calming and Asian-inspired.

For men and women, Toms shoes never go out of style. This season Toms has come out with a new shoe that is called Stone Washed Twill classics.

These shoes are basically a vintage looking fabric that have a used look to them. They have a tie-dye look, which is very 70s and very in.

Toms are good for all kinds of spring weather. They can be worn with shorts, skirts, pants or dresses.

They are comfortable and are lightweight so on those semi-hot spring days you will not feel like your feet are burning up.

These Toms will cost you around $48 and are well worth the cost because they last so long and are always in style.

Neon Converses are also in this spring. Bright, flashy colors are back and neon is taking over once again.

Hot pink, orange, yellow, purple and turquoise Converses are all the rage this spring. They can bemixed and matched colors worn with a solid outfit or a bright-colored outfit to pull off the complete colorful look.

Flats provide a must for girls this spring. Lace-up flats are very popular and include colors such as tan, black and brown leather.

Ballet flats are also very in. You can wear these out on a date or at school. Flats are a classic look that are sophisticated yet casual.

They range from $15 to $40 depending on where you buy them from. You can never go wrong with solid color flats to pull off a simple eye catching outfit.

Sperry Top siders are very popular as well. They are light weight and come in different spring colors such as nude, pink, blue, white and black.

These are very comfortable and casual shoes. You can wear them hanging out with friends or out on a weekend getaway.

Nude heels, wooden heels, Tom’s, neon Converses, flats and Sperry Top Siders are essential to making your outfit complete.

Springs shoes can be bought on a budget. Splurge for Toms at Nordstrom, visit Payless for flats and Foot Locker for athletic shoes or your favorite shoes tore to update your spring shoe selection.