February 23, 2024

As the school year is coming to an end and you are in the last pages of this chapter, what is it that you want to do before you say farewell to California Baptist University?

Maybe it is hiking up Mt. Rubidoux or watching one of CBU’s musical productions. You have less than three weeks to scratch off your bucket list of things you want to do before you leave CBU.

College is a time of learning, not just in education but also about yourself. You go through experiences you don’t believe could happen in four years.

Can everyone say they have lived their college experience to the fullest? Was it what you expected or even more?

Spencer Phillips, senior philosophy major, had a great experience at CBU and will be leaving with more than his degree.

“The overall education has been the greatest experience of my life. Not only has it prepared me to enter St. Johns College’s Master program but it has equipped me apologetically for any trials questioning my beliefs,” Phillips said.

The greatest highlight Phillips received from CBU was the realization of what he wanted to major in.

“Finding my passion in philosophy my sophomore year after taking Basic Reasoning with Prof. Mosteller. Another highlight was seeing Voddie Bachum preach at our school,” Phillips said.

With the short amount of time he has left, Phillips wants to keep his friendship ties strong and make lasting memories in the days to come.

This is similar to another senior, Danielle Wiest, who is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies.

“Before leaving CBU, I want to spend everyday with my friends, soaking up the little moments like laying out on the grass, absorbing the few moments I have left to be a part of the gang,” Wiest said.

Wiest has come a long way since her freshman year.

“I felt very alone and out of my element during my first semester here. Then I made connections with my 3D hallmates and those friendships grew to a sisterhood,” Wiest said.

She also had life-changing experiences from her International Service Project trip to Russia.

“I learned what God wants me to do with my life through my trip to Russia and that is being an advocate for children all around the world,” Wiest said.

For those who are not quite finished, take these next years and challenge yourself to go the extra mile and take a chance.

If it is through playing intramural flag football, auditioning for a play or even applying for an internship you think is out of reach, do not be afraid to take that chance and put yourself out there. That is what this time of your life is all about: making memories, going on journeys and experiencing life in different ways.

“CBU has so many opportunities for you to be a positive light in someone else’s life. Take advantage of it. It will change your perspective on life. The way you view what you want will change for the positive,” Wiest said.

As this school year is coming to an end, remember these words, “Esse quam videri – ” to be, rather than appear,” Phillips said. Enjoy your college experience.