July 25, 2024
Kenton Jacobsen--The men of CBU come together for a friendly competition of rock, paper, scissors on October 21 in the ADC.

October 18-22 was a time for gathering among a very specific group on the California Baptist University campus. Man Week brought guys from all over campus together for one purpose: to grow deeper in their relationships with each other and Christ.

The theme this year for Man Week was “You Dig,” which focused on growing deeper in male students’ walk with Christ and with each other. There was also an emphasis on accountability between friends and discipline in reading the Bible.

“CBU started Man Week to not only keep men accountable but to also encourage,” University Place Resident Assistant Sammy Ramos said.

According to an article released in Newsweek magazine (Men’s Lib, Sept. 27, 2010) the male role in society has become more feminine, where men are taking jobs typical of females and assume roles that were taken by women in the past.

CBU Man Week did not embrace the feminine side of its male student participants but used sports and other manly events to connect with guys.

Monday night was the Football, Sex, and Rock ‘n’ Roll event where participants gathered in the Alumni Dining Commons to learn how to become a better man.

“Being a Biblical man entails so much,” Ramos said. “To believe, to be able to equip yourself with the Word, not just reading it, but practicing it as well. Getting ready for what God has in store for you…and just being a leader wherever you may be.”

The sermon given by Jon Rittenhouse, a lifelong friend of Smith Hall Resident Director, Rick Diflorio, focused on sexual purity and Biblical manhood.

“They had a good message about purity and there were about 50 guys who stayed behind to ask questions,” Jay Stovall, assistant director/graduate assistant for UP Residence Life said.

Stovall was in charge of marketing and promoting the Man Week events. Messages were sent through Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and posters placed around campus.

Tuesday night was scheduled to be the “Dig and Dunk” event on the outside basketball courts, but was changed to the “Man Cave” located in the Campus Activities Gameroom due to the change in weather. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. a pool tournament and table tennis tournament took place with food and beverages provided by the residence life staff.

“Tonight’s event had a great turnout,” Ramos said. “At least 100 guys came out and that is in spite of the fact that we changed the event. We were really avid about getting the word out when we saw that it was raining.”

Wednesday night hosted the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament in the ADC from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Ramos said that students practiced all week in preparation for the competition and would stop each other to play on the way to class to get ready for the big Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

The Dig and Dunk volleyball and basketball tournaments were rescheduled for Thursday on the outdoor volleyball and basketball courts. In addition, the previously scheduled Christian Challenge and pizza party followed.

Jon Rittenhouse returned to the Men’s Week events as the speaker for Men’s Chapel on Friday, Oct. 22.