April 14, 2024

Stress relief in the comforting form of caramel apples and live music was just what was needed for the busy students of California Baptist University as they experienced the second Coffee House event of the 2010 fall semester.

This event was held by the Campus Activities Board on the evening of Oct. 20 from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. Director of Community Life Chris Hofshroer hoped this would get students together and to experience great music.

Though this event was originally to be hosted in the Stamps Courtyard, the possibility of rain caused it to be moved from an outside venue to an inside venue.

When it came to planning, the CAB team required flexibility since they had to improvise upon a quick solution for the new venue.

“It was a little bit last minute,” explained CAB member Brooke Hoehne. “We were planning on having it in Stamps Courtyard, so we just had to move it all inside.
We decided to turn off all of the fluorescent lights and try to make it feel like a coffee house.”

Although it was a sudden change for the location of the event, it still proved to be a success among students as well as well as providing a warm fall festival styled atmosphere for all students who participated.

The event featured the musical styling of Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jayme Dee and her band. She played for about a full hour, performing a mix of her own original songs as well as covers by artists such as John Mayer and MGMT.

In addition to having the presence of contemporary live music, the event also provided catering to the participating students in the form of hot cocoa, cider, and a caramel apple dipping station.

The event proved to be a hot spot of the night. Once the doors were opened, a long and eager line of students had formed as they waited for to decorate caramel apples with such toppings as sprinkles and oreos.

Though the event was held in a new yet smaller venue in such short notice, there was a sign of energy and positive social outlook during this semster’s study break from the midterm slump.

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