April 14, 2024

The executive producers and the cast of “Glee” attended Comic-Con July 25, 2010 in San Diego, Calif., to leak behind the scene secrets, answer questions from the audience and give exclusive details about the second season.

Executive Producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and cast members Chris Colfer “Kurt”, Kevin McHale “Artie”, Amber Riley “Mercedes”, Jenna Ushkowitz “Tina”, Heather Morris “Brittany” and Naya Rivera “Santana” were present at the panel.

The panel started out by highlighting moments of season one such as the glee club tryouts, Kurt and the “Single Ladies” number and Artie’s “Safety Dance” daydream sequence.

In season two, viewers can expect tributes to Madonna, Britney Spears, and possibly a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” episode.

“We are having a Britney Spears episode called ‘Britney Britney’,” Murphy said. “We are doing it in a fun way. One of my favorite things is that last year Matt Morrison was asked on the red carpet about a Britney Spears episode and he said “I do not want to do Britney” so in the episode, Mr. Shuester says ‘I don’t want to do Britney’.”

According to Murphy, the second season will have five musical numbers in every episode on average as opposed to the usual eight, because people want to spend more time with the character’s situations.

“Interestingly, people think after the first season that we had which was so unexpected, people think we are going to get bigger and try to be crazier,” Murphy said. “Actually, I think we are doing it in a different direction and a lot of that is because the characters pop so much that I would like to see a whole episode on Brittany or the relationship between Artie and Tina.”

One of the episodes in season two will be about religion, where we will see Mercedes take Kurt “Colfer” to church along with her. Another spoiler alert is that Tina falls out of love with Artie and in love with Mike.

Murphy confirmed that Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth will appear in season two, but not have regular roles.

The “Glee” crew is in the process of negotiations with a major artist who will be the source of a tribute in the highly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode. The major artist has not been disclosed.

“Glee” not only has 19 Emmy nominations, but they are making a huge impact on actual glee clubs in high schools.

The premise of “Glee” is that the arts matter. Due to budget cuts in schools, many glee clubs were threatened to be dropped; however, with the influence of the show, glee clubs are being saved.

“A woman said their music program was on the line to be cut,” Murphy said. “However, due to the success of the show they wouldn’t dare touch it.”

Murphy put some of his personal moments in glee club from high school in the show.

“I remember the feeling from the group of people of misfits and outcasts who got together in that room and felt safe, happy and express things openly,” Murphy said. “These guys (the cast) do so well; you really get the feeling that they are a family.”

On the relationship between Mercedes and Quinn, Riley loves the relationship between them, because it is so unexpected.

“You don’t have to go with the stereotypes,” Riley said. “You can be friends with whoever you want to be with.”

The cast of “Glee” gets along very well. Not only are they co-workers, they are like a family. Rivera and Morris are actually best friends in real life. “We have a lot of fun on set,” Rivera said. “We make each other laugh.”

Colfer is very different from his character Kurt. “I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was until we shot the pilot,” Colfer said. “I don’t care for ten inch heels. Basically, I am a huge nerd (he proudly showed off his Transformers T-shirt) and very awkward. Kurt just thinks he is superior to everyone around him, what’s not to like about that.”

“Glee” is also coming out with a novel called “Glee The Beginning” and a video game called “Karaoke Revolution Glee” which will be a Nintendo Wii exclusive coming this fall. People will be able to interact with the music, characters and performances found in the first season of the television show.

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