April 20, 2024

Tumblr is becoming the new trend among freshman bloggers both new and experienced to the blogging scene. It’s “the easiest way to blog,” at least according to the Tumblr website.

Strikingly similar to the “f” logo of the social media giant Facebook, a white “t” centered in a small blue box has been popping up quite often in Facebook newsfeeds of Simmons Hall 1B residents, displaying more and more Tumblr announcements of “new posts.”

Enticed by the opportunity to share ideas in a new and different format, these girls have latched on to the blogging trend.

“I have a friend, Tiffany Lanning in hall 1A and she was just talking about it and telling me about how it’s so much better than Facebook. So I looked it up” Morgan Brown, 1B resident, said.

But is Tumblr better than Facebook? Tumblr gives users the ability to write without a word limit, post videos, upload pictures and links to different websites. Tumblr users have more freedom to express whatever is on their mind.

“I like the format of Tumblr. It’s a lot easier to use than other [blogging websites] and I haven’t had any problems with it,” freshman Katelyn Schwab said.

Then the 30-day challenge started. Although its roots are still unknown, this structured experiment served as a great way for the ladies of 1B to get started with personal blogs.

By following the 30-Day Challenge the rookie blogger is presented with a new personal “challenge” to write about daily. The posts ranged from pictures with friends to descriptions of your iPod’s music library. The further along a person got into the challenge, the more difficult the posts. “Write a letter to someone who has hurt you” and “What have you learned about yourself in the past month?” are some of the last blog entries.

Schwab liked the 30-Day Challenge. “I really enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting and gave me good ideas for what to post,” Schwab said.

Karyn LoPresti and Ashley Hofer are also avid Tumblr users.

So what happens after the 30-Day Challenge? So far Schwab and LoPresti have continued posting on a regular basis.

Hofer said that if she ever finishes the 30-Day Challenge, she will try to continue blogging.

“It may be harder to stay motivated to post stuff but I now have adults keeping an eye on me that actually read it,” Hofer said.

Not a blogger? You might want to check it out. Not sure what to blog about? Try looking up 30daychallenges.tumblr.com. With hundreds of options, it is a great way to get comfortable using the site before coming up with a blog of your own.