July 25, 2024

In between setting up a schedule, buying all your textbooks and settling at your dorm; it can seem like a hassle to think about activities and ways to become involved on campus.

This is no longer the case because the Community Life office strives to encourage students to become actively involved from the moment they step on campus, while bringing them together for the sole purpose of glorifying God.

“We do plan activities but our goal this year is to build a community founded on Christ, ” Chris Hofschroer, director of community life said.

By adding on to the amount of activities that are hosted on campus and improving the events held, students will have a greater opportunity to be involved.

Each year brings changes and the Community Life office seeks to improve each student’s experience on campus as well as off campus.

However, since the office may tend to be more focused on working on campus rather than off campus, students often try to find other ways to become involved outdoors.

“We are more involved on campus,” Hofschroer said.

Some outdoor activities may include snowboarding, setting up a camping trip, skiing, surfing and so on. Sometimes it may be the case that there is a lack of materials students need for outdoor trails, so they often refrain from going out and purchasing expensive items they may only use once.

For this reason the Community Life Office will be setting up a rental program which allows students to rent anything they might need for their outdoor adventures. This will be coming soon in the fall.

Not only will these outdoor materials be available, but students can also purchase movie and Disneyland tickets at a reduced price.

Both VIP Regal Movie Tickets and AMC tickets are $7.50 with no restrictions applied and tickets at Mission Grove Theater can be purchased for $5.50, but some restrictions may apply.

Similarly, Disneyland tickets are also reduced and can be purchased at the Community Life office for a total price of $75 as opposed to the normal $80 for 1 day 1 park admission.

Students are given many opportunities to be involved both on and off campus and while it may be harder for commuter students to make time to spend on campus and become involved in these activities, the Community Life Office seeks to incorporate everyone.

“We are not commuters or residential students, we are all Lancers,” Hofschroer said.

However, there are several events held throughout the year that are specifically designed to bring the commuter community together like Sidewalk Cafe, which offers commuter students free breakfast on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month and free giveaways.

Along with events held for commuters the Community Life office will continue with all traditional events hosted on campus such as TWIRP, Midnight Madness, Homecoming, Fortuna Bowl and Yule.

“This year Midnight Madness will be bigger and better than it’s ever been and so will Fortuna Bowl,” Hofschroer said.

All students need to do is continue asking questions as to when these events will occur. They will be emailed and notified but it is important that they maintain close access to their planner to be aware of these events.

As is also custom, there will be Club Rush during October to introduce students to all campus clubs. This is a way students can become involved with not only academic but also fun club activities.

There are many opportunities available to students as they start their college experience or continue on to complete their degree and the Community Life Office will continue making an effort to bring everyone together.

To be updated at a quicker pace, you can follow Community Life on Twitter and become informed about the next event.

“We Tweet about events and give-aways,” Hofschroer said.

They will be giving free things to students that are constantly checking for updates. Look for them at http://twitter.com/CBU_COMMLIFE.

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