December 8, 2023
These fashion finds can inspire Fall style

With fall fast approaching, the weather will soon grow colder. You must prepare yourself for all changes and keep your fall essentials close-by in order to survive this new season.


As fall begins, you will see more layering and signature pieces. Remember: With a few items, you can create multiple outfits.


These five items, for both men and women, should be in your closet, so you will always have an outfit for whatever weather comes your way.






When selecting a pair of jeans, there are three things to consider: the cut, the wash and the fit. The trick with denim is easy: Comfortable is best. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect example of ease and comfy denim that can be set off by bold jewelry, ankle boots or a fitted top. The best jeans can be worn 365 days a year – versatility is a must. Whether you want to put on skinny jeans and heels or throw on your comfy jeans with a graphic tee, jeans are the most versatile essential of the fall season.




Short, tall, heel or flat – any boot will work. Do not forget to consider boots that will not get damaged if it rains, feel comfortable and fit multiple occasions. Sticking with signature brown or black hues is best so you have boots that go with every outfit.




Every woman should have a blazer. It is perfect for a professional setting or just staying warm on gloomy days. With blazers you can dress it up or down depending on your accessories.


Button-down blouse


This is a classic staple that can be worn in many ways. It is an airy, flowing signature piece that can stand alone or with layers.




This is a universal fashion accessory that compliments every outfit, regardless of the season. It can be worn during warmer days as your main focus on a plain top or layer it during the chilly days. This item is a grand essential during wishy-washy fall weather.


What will the well-dressed men be wearing this season? Say goodbye to muscle tops shirts and surfer shorts and take note of key items that will aid your survival through this season’s fall weather.






Steer away from the pullover hoodies and try something else that keeps you warm. This revolutionary men’s fashion trend has one of the most flexible and adaptable items of clothing a man could own. It is a universal clothing item that can be worn with a simple shirt underneath or dressed up with a button-up shirt and tie.




A man should always have a few nice pairs of jeans handy when entering the fall season. It is a signature staple that goes with anything. Just like women, there are many types of denim and fits that men have as well. Choose comfort, but also be considerate of the wash. This will determine what look you are going for.


Button-up shirt


Every man should have a button-up shirt in his closet. If it is flannel or just a simple working shirt, it is a key piece that will save you if you need to go to an interview or dress professionally.


Military jacket


This specific jacket trend has made an impact throughout the years. Staying fashionably warm, it works well with almost all attire. For those chilly days, the military jacket also works for layering as well.


Oversized beanie


Most men do not have the pleasure that women do of having a full head of hair, so an oversized beanie does your head good when the weather is colder. This fashionable headwear suits every man and is essential, whether you are wearing a basic T-shirt or layered up in a jacket.


The top five essentials for both women and men come with flexibility. You can do so much with only five pieces. Whether it is layering these clothes together or wearing them individually, you will be using these items more than once and they will be key in your future fall season.


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