October 1, 2023

Focusing on how to honor God, family and others, ‘Courageous’ is a film that hits home for moviegoers of all ages and backgrounds.

The main theme of the film is how to develop moral integ- rity as a father, as outlined in the Bible. However, the film portrays situations and decisions, which affect all members of families.

Alex Kendrick plays Adam Mitchell, the lead character in a group of five gentlemen whose

life decisions as fathers are chronicled throughout the film.

Following the tragic death of his nine-year-old daughter, Mitchell decides he needs to commit to improving his parenting skills for the sake of his 15-year-old son.

He consults his pastor and the Bible and creates a resolution he and the five other fathers sign.

The remainder of the film follows the successes and failures of the fathers in their attempts to be who God has appointed them to be.

The script did not shy away from controversial issues, which some may consider “touchy.”

Among these are: gang activity, drug use, the sale of drugs, drunk driving, unemployment, premarital sex and divorce.

The film begins with an emotionally loaded scene as Nathan Hayes, played by Ken Bevel, is introduced to the audience.

He is filling up his car at a gas station when a local gang mem- ber steals it. An action sequence immediately follows as Hayes risks his life hanging on to the steering wheel as the gang member drives away.

It is quickly revealed that Hayes was doing so in order to protect his young infant in the back seat. He recognized his responsibility to sacrifice all for the safety of his family.

The film proves the importance of a man being a strong father figure and spiritual leader in the household.

Two different scenarios are illustrated in the film to give an example of how fatherlessness

can affect a child. The first is in the character Hayes, as it is revealed that he never met his biological fa- ther. Hayes said he would have been pressured into a life on the streets if not for the contribu- tion of a strong neighborhood mentor.

The other example is of a young man, Derrick, who is attempting to earn the love of Hayes’ 15-year-old daughter. Hayes does not allow the 17-year-old to date his daughter and instead, the boy turns to a life of crime.

Proving the redemptive power of God, near the end of the film there is a scene of Derrick in prison with Hayes sitting across from him teaching him principles from the Bible.

The film is an emotional roller coaster throughout all 101 minutes. It explicitly outlines many aspects of the Christian faith and serves as a wake-up call to fathers and all members of a family.

To a college student, ‘Courageous’ provides excellent insight into the types of challenges that are to be expected as life progresses. It offers advice on how God instructs us to live not for ourselves but for Him and those that we love.

This is stated in the verse that is used as the film’s tagline, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” Joshua 24:15.

The film’s website, www.courageousthemovie.com, offers resources for growth and learning as well as real life stories from real fathers.

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