September 22, 2023


The California Museum of Photography is taking a look at aftershocks. Three photographers from the 1970s with different views and subjects of their photos capture seismic shift.

The museum’s website attempts to describe the photographs: “Brown’s color panoramas of a bankrupt, deserted luxury development on an artificial lake now drying up in the Nevada desert…whereas Moore’s parodies of the New Topographical photography is, in its way, the most radical departure, one proving yet again that what begins in art as tragedy ends up as comedy.”

The exhibition opensedwith a reception on Oct. 1, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will close on Dec. 31. The Museum address is 3824 Main St. Riverside, Calif.


Colony students will soon be able to set their own personal Laundry Alert System in motion. With this arrangement, a student can receive telephone or e-mail alerts that report when a washing machine is almost done or open from any computer or smart phone.

Alleviating that back and forth run to the laundry facility is not a reality yet, but Housing Service Coordinator Carson Belmont said, “I am hopeful by the end of next week it will be fully functional.”

One of the holdups Belmont stated is the WASH company making the laundry alert is currently setting up the website.

Go to to check out the site and use “demo” as the password to log in and try it out.


Apple will release the iPhone 4S, an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, on October 14.

For the first time Sprint will be an authorized retailer of an iPhone, but only the iPhone 4S.

Verizon and AT&Y will also sell the device.

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