September 28, 2023

Like it or not, there are items that should just not be worn in fall.

Fall fashion choices consist of wearing light fabrics but layering to stay warm as the weather changes.

So don’t get stuck in the summer oasis fashion trends, but move into the warm and rustic tones of the fall season.


Leggings as pants

There is nothing wrong with leg- gings themselves but wearing them as a substitute for pants is another story. Leggings are made to be worn underneath a tunic or long shirt. They should never be paired with a regular T-shirt. A longer shirt does much better as long as the backside is covered.

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are more com- mon during the summer. In fall, they are not recommended. With the wind and cool air, mini skirts are not ideal. Who wants to worry about freezing throughout the day?

To avoid this, wear nylon tights or a skirt with more length, such as a pencil skirt. This will provide warmth.

Camis as tops

Camisoles are made to go underneath sheer tops. They take away from modesty and should not be worn by themselves. Pairing it with a shirt on top or with layers is more acceptable.

Flowing tops with loose jeans

Separately, these items are ac- ceptable, but wearing them together can be unflattering. Wear a flowing, looser top with either skinny jeans, leggings or shorts.


Muscle shirts

Muscle shirts are meant for sum- mer while working out or spending a day at the beach. As cooler weather approaches, stay away from these summer essentials and wear regular T-shirts and button-up shirts.

Baggy clothes

This was a trend in the past. Wearing baggy clothes does noth- ing but waste fabric and extra ener- gy pulling up pants. Wearing fitted clothes does not involve wearing skinny jeans. It means wearing jeans and shirts that conform well to the body, which makes men look more put together.


To be clear, not all shorts are outlawed. Only some, such as baggy denim shorts, are. Wearing jean shorts (“jorts”) or even cargo pants can be fashion mistakes. Cargo pants were made for soldiers and non-ROTC students do not need to have that many pockets. Consider the style and the color of shorts. Darker denim or black work best.

Skater shoes

Men should not wear these. They might have been stylish in the past but that is where they be- long. These bulky shoes do noth- ing for the feet. Men should wear shoes like Sperry Top-Sider shoes, Oxfords, Vans or even boots. Shoes are important like the rest of the outfit, so take time to think about the feet before leaving the house.

These fashion mistakes will help students learn what should not be worn and find alterna- tives that are acceptable. When it comes to fashion, students should be creative and appropriate for the weather.

Welcome in fall clothing and kick those summer shorts to the curb.

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