May 23, 2024

A little over a year ago, thousands of disenfranchised youths took to the streets demanding change. They demanded freedom, they screamed for their rights and they fought to change the laws that governed their lives.

Bloggers on the Internet were the first to say something about the current political problems. Using the protection of anonymity on the Internet, they wrote about the injustices that their government has committed against the people.

Eventually the frustration that was vented in the virtual world was set in motion and, thus, one of the biggest political demonstrations seen in modern times was born.

This movement led to drastic change. It gained international attention as journalists from all over the world flew in to cover the story. World leaders, news commentators and bloggers from other parts of the world all had something to say about the protests. They too demanded change, justice and sided with the movement of the people.

This was Egypt last year. The Arab Spring, which started in a smaller country, Tunisia, but really caught wind when Egyptian citizens, upset over the economic situation in Egypt, took to the streets and demanded a change in leadership. They demanded that President Mubarak step down from leadership and that a true democratic election take place.

Coincidentally, similar movements have taken place in the United States. The Internet provided a way for similar-minded people to come together and organize demonstrations and protests. These “grass-roots” campaigns led to movements such as Tea Parties and their political opposite, Occupy Movements. Ironically, both the Tea Party and Occupy place the blame on the same thing, the leadership.

The major difference between elections in Egypt and the United States. is that we have (historically) a peaceful change in political leadership. An election is supposed to change the political landscape in the nation, but why are things still the same?

Take a look at your local politics. Find out who is your representative in the state legislature and see how long they have been in office. See who represents you in the Senate or in the House of Representatives. Odds are, they have all been in the same legislative office for at least a decade.

These same people have been passing the laws governing our lives.

I am glad I live in the United States. We live in a country with meaning behind, “We the People.”

So before November comes around, get informed about who is running and vote.

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