January 31, 2023

Mercedes Lebron -- Angela Scott poses with a picture of Christian NFL star Tim Tebow.

Mercedes Lebron -- Angela Scott poses with a picture of Christian NFL star Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow. His name alone brings up many images; football player, outspoken Christian and Heisman trophy winner. Many female students at California Baptist University would agree that he is marriage material.

Tebow has been living an unconventional life since his birth. Born in Thailand while his parents were spreading the gospel, doctors wanted his mother to have an abortion to prevent harm to her as it was expected that the unborn Tim would not make it to birth. But God had different plans for the one-day football star.

He is now one of the most popular College football stars in the spotlight today. While many sports fans debate whether or not he is a great football player, despite his many winnings, he brings more to the spotlight than just touchdowns. He brings attention to the gospel in unique ways to potentially millions of people. A missionary to the masses, he writes bible versus on his eye black before many of his games.

At the 2009 BCS Championship Game he chose to write bible verse, 3:16 on his eye black. Just from that one game, Google exploded with searches in what they considered “volcanic” traffic through the site. 3.45 million searches took place.

Many men at CBU like this charismatic football player, some, for his assertive football presence and others for his outlook on life. They look to him as a good representation of what a male role model should be.

“He recognizes that football isn’t the most important thing in life. He doesn’t only preach the gospel, he lives it! He’s a great role model”, said Junior, Jamal Togia.

Many CBU girls are fans of his good looks, strong walk with God and his moral character. A combination that makes many girls swoon. Tebow seems to be many 20-something female Christian’s fantasy. Freshmen Angela Scott’s father, Michael Scott, does approve.

Scott’s father jokingly mentioned that he was going to write a letter to Tebow asking him to date his daughter. Mr. Scott, having great respect for Tebow and his decision to not drink alcohol, went ahead and wrote that email when his daughter, Angela replied jokingly, “Do it!”.

Soon after, Mr. Scott had some news.

“My dad called me saying he had sent out the letter and I laughed so hard when he read me what it said.

The letter went on to say how much Mr. Scott admired Tebow and respected him for what he is doing, and inquired about possibly courting his daughter and said that if he was going to stay single for God that was great but, if he was looking for a wife maybe an “Isaac and Rachael approach” would work. Needless to say, many parents would consider him to be great husband material.

For Christians, it is hard looking to the media and finding a strong public figure who walks the right walk, and does it for the world to see, even when faced with criticism. Tebow has faced hard criticism since entering the college football circuit due to his religious beliefs. Some critics think that he is only where he is today to bring in new football fans. Regardless, he is reaching millions of lives with the gifts that God has blessed him with.

“His dedication to Christ despite ridicule is truly something for Christians in America to learn from”, Marie Hanula, Junior.

Regardless, of gender, Tebow deserves our recognition.

In a world where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs, he stands up to the criticism and backlash despite the people who may protest in anger. This strength is the foundation for the mania surrounding him.

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