October 1, 2023
Jacob Armstrong -- Chris Stanley, sous chef for Brisco’s Village Cafe, enjoys cooking and conversation.
Jacob Armstrong — Chris Stanley, sous chef for Brisco’s Village Cafe, enjoys cooking and conversation.

What is your position on campus?
I’m the sous chef for Brisco’s Village Café, I’m in charge of doing all the soups and salads as well as taking care of all the pastas and meats — all the juicy stuff you see at Brisco’s. I also supervise a crew of eight.

What do you like most about your profession? What do you like the least?
I love to see the look on students’ and people’s faces when they eat my food; it makes me really happy. The least I like is that I do not get to see everybody enjoy it. I get to see enough people enjoy it but not a lot of them. I would like to see everyone enjoy my creations, but I’m aware that most students can’t stay and sit in Brisco’s Café. Most students are in a hurry, but I do get to the see their faces the next day when they come by and say that they really enjoyed it. I really like that a lot.

How long have you been working for Provider?
I’ve been working for Provider for about six and a half years now, and I really enjoy working with the company and students.

What do you like the most about working with college students?
I get to see fresh faces every time, I get to impact the life of the world’s future, it’s good to see the students that are going to change the world and make my world better.

What is your magic formula for success?
Be yourself, be true to yourself and know yourself. I always tell college students that they should not limit their dreams by setting goals to themselves, you set goals but you can always go past those goals. Don’t just say it has to be this way or none. Keep an open mind and always go past those dreams and always keep going forward. Do not stop looking for your dreams. Put your feet on the ground and move forward.

What is one of the weirdest things a student has told you?
A student once told me that they had a dream about me. Apparently I was hollering and screaming at them to get in line at Brisco’s and get food. Then she woke up and I wasn’t there. I found that really weird. You can dream about a lot of guys but she had a dream about Chef Stanley.

You tend to make students happy, how do you feel about the students in particular?
I love all the students at CBU, they make me happy so that lets me know that I make them happy. I love my kids, they’re good kids. They are all great; I love spending time with them, even if it’s just at Brisco’s Café while I’m working. I enjoy having a simple conversation with them even if on or off the clock.

Students already have a hard time in class or just in general. They need a chance to lighten up and feel better. I love giving them a little bit of that, either by talking to them or making them the food the way they want.

Can you see yourself working outside of CBU and have no college students? If so what job would you prefer?
I actually started working at the Elephant Bar located by the Tyler Mall. I work at Brisco’s during the day and I work nights at the Elephant Bar. There are no college students there, it’s all workers. I love being at Brisco’s because the students are a lot easier to work with and when you deal with other people who pay a lot of money for food, a lot of mistakes tend to happen. You have to deal with waitresses, waiters, bosses and other supervisors. Here it’s just a cut-and-dry thing and I enjoy that.

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