March 24, 2023
Photo by Nathan Boschen
Lauren Solis, Megan Herrera and Jessica Piztek transform their wardrobes by adding accessories and recycling clothing from summer for fall.

It is September, the month where fashion is king and makes its way to every corner of the world. As fashion lovers frolic to purchase the infamous September issue of Vogue that will tell us what is in – and out – the rest of us wonder how to implement the newest fashions without breaking the bank as a college student.

Below are some helpful tips for transitioning your wardrobe this season:

Summer Dresses
“I wear leggings with dresses, maybe cute boots, and a nice jacket or maybe a cardigan to keep wearing them into the fall,” said Sandy Arce, sophomore pre-nursing major.

To move a summer dress into fall, simply wear a cardigan over the dress. Either button it up or wear it open for an entirely new look. Another option is to wear a cardigan buttoned up on the inside or wear a pair of leggings with a summer dress and boots.

A Sweater Skirt
This is a brilliant idea for all the oversized long sweaters that are in the closet from last year ready to be taken out again. This is perfect for Southern California natives because it will bring in the elements of fall while making sure the lingering heat of summer will not interfere with fashion.

How can students make a sweater skirt? Simply step into the sweater and pull up to the waist. Then with the sleeves tie them around the waist and tie into a bow. This can be worn with a camisole or tank top and boots for a transitional season look.

Back to Basics
To start incorporating fall color into your closet, stick with basic colors such as white, black and navy. This fall, burgundy is quite the staple as it is being used on handbags, scarves, shirts and pants. Wear these colorful trends by slowly incorporating them with more basic colors and pieces until fall weather hits Riverside.

Some popular “Fashion Don’ts” when transitioning a summer wardrobe:

Don’t be Uggy
It is tempting to want to break out the Uggs and wear them before the weather actually permits. But it is highly unflattering to wear Uggs with any remaining summer wardrobe. This includes wearing Uggs with shorts, skirts and other items of clothing that are usually worn during the summer.

“I personally think Uggs are too hot unless you are in Antartica. I think that it’s a big fashion mistake that girls do, wearing Uggs and short shorts with some long sleeve shirt. It makes it seem like they are confused on what the weather or season is,” said Eva Perez, senior biology major.

Tights and Sandals
Tights and leggings are a great way to take a summer fashion like a dress into the fall, but the don’t here is to wear the tights or leggings with sandals of any kind, especially sandals that have toe straps. While it may be tempting to keep wearing a favorite pair of sandals or flip flops into fall, this is not the way.

Pastel Puffs
Sometimes, weather permit- ting, Riverside gets a little too cold for comfort, and it is necessary to bring out “the big guns” so to speak — big, fluffy down jackets. This past spring, pastels have been a major hit as well as neon. But for a fall and winter fashion staple, keep the colors neutral like black, brown, etc.

Sweat Pants vs. Track Suits
As the cold weather gets closer, it is more and more tempting to roll out of bed before class and stay in pajamas for the day. This just looks sloppy and lazy, but the alternative is a track suit that is well fitted and not oversized. It is still comfortable and warm but will leave one looking polished, not frazzled and lazy.

Editor’s Note: Cristin Massey is a fashion and lifestyle expert. She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over eight years and currently works with one of the biggest names in the world of cosmetics where fashion, art and makeup are combined and trends are followed and critiqued.

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