March 2, 2024

Many traditional ways exist for getting around campus at California Baptist University: walking, bicycling and longboarding to name a few. Some students at CBU have taken a more unique approach to their transportation.

Occasionally students may see a unicycle, ripstick (a skateboard with two wheels instead of four) or mini-motor scooter moving across the campus. Other students have found ways to get even more creative.

Steven Crayne, junior graphic design and digital media major, once drove a mini-motor scooter that had an ice chest as a seat.

“I use the ice chest because it is fun to ride and gets me around faster than walking or using a longboard,” Crayne said. “If it’s somebody’s first time seeing it, they usually laugh and want to try it out. If it’s Public Safety, they ask me to slow down.”

Tyler Heers, junior biology major, has been riding his unicycle for about six years. When he was younger, he discovered his dad’s unicycle in the attic. That moment was the beginning of Heers’s newfound passion. Many students have seen Heers riding his unicycle.

Joshua Watler, sophomore criminal justice major, said, “When I saw him with the unicycle it reminded me about a dorm-mate across the hall at a previous college; I found it unique and cool.”

Another CBU student with a unique style of transportation is Micah Sherman, senior kinesiology major, who can be spotted riding his tricycle throughout campus. “When I would ride my tricycle my friends would tag along behind me and we would make a train of one tricycle and a whole bunch of skateboards tagging along,” Sherman said.

Here at CBU, there are many unique kinds of transportation, and they are all a glimpse into CBU’s diverse culture.

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