March 21, 2023

A piñata is a hand-made container filled with candies and toys. It is usually decorated to be colorful, and it can come in many shapes and sizes.

Piñatas can also be made at home, which gives the options of creating different sizes and shapes.

Piñatas are used as a game at special events, especially birthday par-ties for kids. These steps will explain how to create your own piñata:





Construction Paper




Crepe Paper


Flour Glue



Step One:

Inflating the balloon will form the body of the piñata. Inflate it to a desirable size. Additional shapes, legs, arms and tails made with newspaper or construction paper can be added. Tape shapes onto the piñata with clear tape.


Step Two: 

Protect your work area by laying down newspapers to avoid making a mess. The balloon will also be covered with newspapers for protection.


Step Three: 

To make “flour glue,” mix one-third flour with two-thirds water. The paste should begin to thicken. After 3 mintues of mixing flour and water, boil the mixture and keep stirring so it does not stick to the pot. Add a pinch of salt. Once it becomes a glue form, it is done.

Step Four: 

Tear some newspaper into one-inch strips and cover them with the flour glue. Lay down strips all over the balloon until it is completely covered in a thick layer of the flour glue. This step will need to be completed three to four times until the piñata is sturdy.

Let one layer dry until most of it is hard before adding the next layer of flour glue. Wrap and tie a string around the balloon form in between layers two and three so the piñata can be hung up.

Let the piñata dry until it is stiff and no longer wet or sticky when touched. If the balloon has not popped, pop it and make a small hole on top to add candy.

Step Five:

Paint your piñata a single color to smooth out the paper and to create an even surface. It does not need to be well-painted – just enough to cover the paper.


Step Six: 

Glue colorful paper onto the outside of the piñata to decorate it. To give the piñata a traditional look, cut out long, wide strips of paper.

Glue them onto the piñata along one long edge and cut fringe along the opposite edge. You can be creative and also add painted eyes, a nose and a mouth.


Step Seven: 

To put candy in the piñata, put crumpled up crepe paper and candy inside the top of the piñata. To cover the hole, glue down some crepe paper on top of the hole or use masking tape.

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