June 23, 2024

School is for learning; not hanging out

Whether it is those spontaneous late night trips to In-N-Out Burger or scheduling more shifts at your part-time job, one thing that is always on college students’ minds is conserving cash.

Being financially independent is a big step that everyone faces in life, sooner or later. While scary to some, there are many advantages to being financially independent early in life.

An old Chinese proverbs reads, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”
Whether still living under their parents roof or not, the college experience comes with freedom. However, by continuing to stay 100 percent financially dependent on parents or guardians, young adults in college prolong the process of growing up.

Most college students participate in extra curricular activities, many of which require money. It is easier to participate in these with financial independance.

It is time to face reality. School is for learning — not hanging out and going to the movies with friends.

There is nothing essentially wrong with going to the movies or bowling. However, money for extracurricular activities should not come from parents’ wallets. If there is enough time to go to the movies, there is most likely enough time to have a job.

A part-time job not only teaches how to live a balanced life but also how to balance a checkbook. By earning their money, students make better decisions in the way they spend it because they know firsthand how much work was put into each paycheck.

Society, for some reason, has extended the age of what is considered an adolescent. Coming to college kick-starts an individual’s time to make his or her own decision, as well as the time to deal with their consequences.

Furthermore, being financially independent while in college is about practicing frugal habits for the future. In the real world, parents or guardians will not always be present during tough circumstances created through poor spending habits.

All in all, it is time to grow up. To be treated as an adult in college, students have to start acting like adults.

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