June 19, 2024

Starting this fall semester all course evaluations will be filled out online. These evaluations will be available to students Nov. 26 – Dec. 9.

“(We have) chosen to move all course evaluations to online because they offer so many advantages,” said Kendra Johnson, academic evaluations coordinator.

Each student will receive an email to their Lancermail account with a list of all evaluations, and a link will direct them to the evaluation site.

The evaluations can also be accessed by going to smartevals.com/calbap and logging in with the same login information as Lancermail.

Once students fill out their course evaluations they will no longer receive email reminders.

“Before you would just get emails all the time,” Johnson said. “Now, once you finish all your evaluations you’re not getting emailed again.”

Johnson said that course evaluations are important to help professors prepare for future semesters, as well as a means for students to have input into the process.

The respective dean, chair and professor of the class are the only people who can view the completed evaluations. However, Johnson said the evaluations are completely anonymous so students should not be concerned about voicing their opinions.

Four thousand bottles of Hansen’s Hubert’s Lemonade were donated to CBU, and students who fill out all their course evaluations can come by a course evaluation kiosk in front of the ADC on Dec. 5–6 from 10:15 a.m.–1:15 p.m. for a free bottle.

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