June 25, 2024

As the holiday season approaches, the sounds of Christmas melodies have slowly permeated through radio stations, television commercials and individuals anxiously waiting for the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Many students have shifted their focus from school-work to holiday shopping, as a way to alleviate some of their stress. With numerous options to choose from and different people to shop for, finding the perfect gift may create its own stress.

To make matters simpler while generating the ideal shopping experience, below is a recommended list including the 10 “hottest” things to buy this holiday season.

If you are looking for the best options to pick from, or simply something you can buy in a time crunch, here are some ideas to help make the most of this holiday shopping season:

1. iPhone 5
Cost: $199-$399 with contract, $649-$849 without contract

Many students have already asked for the iPhone 5 as a Christmas gift. While an iPhone may be an expensive item to give away, it is among the most popular items people desire.
Prices depend on whether the person has an older version of the phone and is upgrading or purchasing the phone for full price.

2. iPad Mini
Cost: $329-$429

Second on the list, the iPad Mini is a must have. With its convenient portability, many would enjoy receiving this gift for the holiday season.
It is an all-in-one device that can carry textbooks, software programs, a camera and many more features for anyone’s use.

3. Wii U
Cost: $300-$350

“I think the most bought gift is probably going to be the new Wii system, or Furbies for some unknown reason,” said Stephanie Armstrong, senior marketing and graphic design and digital media double major. “I think the Wii system (will be among the most popular items) because it is a fun thing that families can do together, and parents can make their kids happy and also have fun, too.”

4. Disneyland Annual Pass
Cost $269-$649

Ranked fourth on the list is a Disneyland Annual Pass, which, according to many California Baptist University students, is a necessity.
When asked what product she thought would be among the most purchased items, Tracy Pallares, junior marketing major, said it would have to be a Disneyland Annual Pass.
“I’m a little biased because I am a Disneyland freak, but I say everyone needs one,” Pallares said.

5. Amazon Kindle
Cost: $69-$299

Next on the list is the Kindle. It is a must-have for bookworms that enjoy reading during winter break, catching up on the many novels they were deprived of reading while completing their studies during the school year.

6. Designer Watch: Michael Kors
Cost: $225-$295

Designer watches are stylish and make a stunning gift that shows it was picked out with great detail, and a sense of character, depending on the designer. Among the most popular are Michael Kors watches.

7. Charm Bracelet
Cost: Pandora Bracelets $40 (without charms) and up

Charm bracelets fall next to watches because, with many options like Pandora charms, people can be creative and select special designs for their loved ones.

8. Tickets to the movies
Cost: From $25

Tickets to the movies never get old. This is an opportunity that students may have to give to their parents so they can have a special night together.
Movie tickets often come in packages that also include a visit to a restaurant.

9. Gift card to a restaurant
Cost: $40 and up

People often want to try a new restaurant but cannot necessarily afford it. This can be a way to treat them to a nice meal with the date of their choice.

10. Necklace
Cost: $50-$1,000

Finally, the No. 10 most popular holiday gift is a necklace. Women love it when men give them jewelry, and what better way to show them that they are special than by giving them a nice necklace they can wear on special occasions?

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