Students seek opportunities to serve others, volunteer around community

Students across California Baptist University equally strive to attain the heart of the Good Samaritan by actively performing service work in their communities.

What does it mean for one to love your neighbor as yourself? Being the hands and feet of Jesus? Being God’s love in tangible ways? Having a sacrificial heart of service?

According to the gospel of Luke, a traveler is left for dead on the side of the road, after being beaten. A priest and a Levite pass him but avoid the traveler. A Samaritan, who culturally has a hostile relationship with the Jewish people, passes by and stops to offer a hand — he risks utter defilement, which yields no benefit to him whatsoever.

The Good Samaritan shows how Jesus commands His followers to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Evan Specht, senior marketing major, has found ways on campus to heighten his community service involvement. Specht currently works with CBU’s Office of Mobilization as a student leader for mission teams and also serves as a focus leader.

His passion for serving comes from a multitude of places, Specht said.

“I try and make my life look more and more like Christ,” Specht said. “Since he came to serve, it is only right for me to reflect that quality of him.”

Specht attributes his father’s servitude as the model for his own life. He admires his ability to serve selflessly.

“He is constantly serving others, even at the cost of inconveniencing his own day,” Specht said.

Student-athletes across campus are involved in community service through the numerous charity opportunities provided by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, a committee required by the Pacific West Conference.

“We work mostly with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which gives opportunities to children who are experiencing life-threatening medical conditions,” said Tyler Garrison, senior kinesiology major and SAAC committee president. “This foundation is an example of ordinary students who can make an essential impact on the lives of children who are searching for hope in their life.”

Garrison added that students and student-athletes alike are blessed to have the opportunity to attend CBU.

“This being said, we must take the accountability of serving those who support us in what we do and who need us the most in the community,” Garrison said.

Volunteering can be a way to connect in people’s lives. The best way to get involved is to ask your peers, pursue your local church or community centers, or even join on campus groups like Christian Challenge. Unmet needs are always waiting.

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