Characteristics of ‘Lancer Nation’

The California Baptist University culture is comprised of many different ethnicities, races and lifestyles.

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“Christian Cannon reflects on his spiritual growth during his time at CBU.”

The idea of what makes a Lancer is often varied. What characteristics define a Lancer?

Katie Shaw, freshman business administration major, said, “To become a Lancer, it takes integrity and knowing you have a passion for what you want to do but to have fun along the way.”

Christian Cannon, a psychology graduate student, said, “To become a Lancer, you must be willing to embrace the culture and be willing to change and be challenged academically and spiritually.”

Spirituality and academics are not the only things that define a Lancer. Some say that what truly makes one a part of Lancer culture is the bond that develops between classmates and friends.

“Have camaraderie among your brotherhood, and motivation and dedication for the things you love,” said Aaron Heger, junior accounting major.

Garreth Gonzanga, freshman mechanical engineering major, said, “To be a Lancer you got to get involved in school events and support the school, and be friendly to people.”

The university’s administration has instilled four key characteristics in students — characteristics that could be a definition of the Lancer culture.

“Living out the core four of CBU, being biblically founded, being academically prepared, globally minded, and equipped to serve,” Amy Nugent, junior liberal studies major, said.

The community varies definitions of a Lancer, but one thing is certain: No matter what, every student is a part of the ever-growing Lancer nation.

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