March 24, 2023

Students wearing their most dazzling dresses and suits stood outside the Sequoia Ballroom at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Dec. 7, eagerly waiting to be let in to the most anticipated event of the school year: Yule.

Upon check-in, students were given tickets to get their pictures taken with an array of props in one of two photo booths set up right outside the ballroom. While students waited to enter the ballroom, they were given a preview of the show: a magician and a performer on stilts wandered about the growing crowd.

At 6:45 p.m., the ballroom doors finally opened and students were invited into the wonderfully decorated room to find their seats and officially begin the evening. Beautifully lit Christmas trees sat on the main stage, and tables were adorned with elegant linens and centerpieces crafted from gift boxes, ribbons, bows and top hats.

Once all guests were seated at their designated tables, representatives from the Associated Students of California Baptist University took the stage, welcomed students to Yule and blessed the meal. Students were served a gourmet, first-class dinner, followed by a more impressive dessert bar.

“This was actually my first time attending Yule, so I didn’t know what to expect,” said Daniel Garcia, senior marketing major, about his experience at this year’s Yule. “I knew it was going to be fun, but my expectations were way more than met. My favorite part of the event was obviously the food.”

However, the real showstopper came after dinner when the lights dimmed and acrobats took the stage. Students gasped and cheered as the acrobats performed stunts that most only dream of doing.

Senior graphic design major, Lindsey Malcolm said, “My favorite part of Yule was definitely the acrobats. They were incredibly talented and put on an amazing show. Highly entertaining, and very memorable.”

As the show went on, the performers became more daring with their act. Aerialists dangled from floor-length ribbons and rings and continued to shock the audience with their incredible performance.

“I would say Yule was a wonderful experience. The vibe was very festive, exciting, and built a real sense of community” said Malcolm.

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